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As no event is ever the same, we believe in treating your event as individual and personal as it should be treated.  Which is why we provide every client with an individual and personalised 2D and 3D layout of your event. 

As well as providing you with a 3D plan of the marquee structure, the layout will also incorporate all the features you expect at your event, for example the tables, chairs, dance floor, stage, doors, windows and walls in the right place.  We can also add in plants, people, balloons etc.

3D marquee plans 1First we design the structure to include windows, doors and walls.  We can then include a reception area, bar area and catering area where necessary.

3D marquee plans 2We can then add in a dance floor and stage.

3D marquee plans 3We can then add in a bar, bar furniture, top table and trestle catering tables.

3D marquee plans 4We can then add in either 4', 5', 5' 6'' or 6'  round tables, any number of chairs per tables along with any colour seat pads.  We can also add in any portable toilets where necessary.

3D marquee plans 5The finished marquee from an aerial view.

Your layout is designed using CAD software so you can view your marquee from just about every angle.  So if you want to see what it will look like from a birds eye view, or from outside the reception area, or what your top table will be like, or where the dance floor will be....the possibilities are endless.

3D marquee plans 6When you are happy with the overall concept.  We can supply you with views from just about any position.  For example, to the left is how the caterer may see the main marquee form the catering area.

3D marquee plans 7...Or the view from the far end of the marquee.

3D marquee plans 8...Or the view as you approach the reception area.

3D marquee plans 9And finally...where would a wedding marquee be without the bride!

The 3D layout will help you to visualise the space and give you a better idea of where the equipment will be located inside and outside the marquee.  For example, where the dance floor will go, where the top table will be located etc

Another big advantage of a 3D plan is that you can easily see at a glance where each of your guests will be seated, who they will be sitting next to and where each table is in relation to the top table, bar area, stage etc. 

3D marquee plans 103D marquee plans 11

We are happy to draw up these plans for free after a 'no obligation' site visit.  We believe the more planning that takes place at this stage the better your event and the happier you will be.

Below is an example of how our marquee compares to the 3D plans.

3D marquee plans Comet PLCMarquee plans Comet PLC

Click here to see further examples of 3D planning

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